My Photography Space

As I mentioned before I have a bachelors in photography. I have photographed all over the world from China (which I just got back from 6 months ago) to Canada. With that I have photographed everything from food products to commercial items. But with out a doubt I have to say the photography I prefer to do is photographing loved ones.

I started photographing with photographing loved ones about 9 years ago when I was in high school. My dad had a Nikon D200 and he let me have it. I was hooked and I started taking pictures of everything. I started with my brother and I have to say that he was not to excited about my journey into the world of photography. From there I started to take my images of my dog. That coming year I photographed my family for our yearly Christmas card in the month of October. I brought the image to our church to share and when I did some family’s approached me wanting to hire me to take pictures for there Christmas cards and with that my career started.

My Dad had a friend by the name of Herb Stokes that owned a photography studio  and he hired Herb to give me some lessons on photography. We started with how to use flash in photographs because I had never used it before and how to balance it with the day light or how to use it as my main light. From there we went into using different lenses and there pros and cons. Then we ended it with posing of people which is such a art. After all of this I knew that I wanted to work with loved ones.

I started with baby portraits at the church in the nursery. The first week I had three family’s sign up with me for a session and it exploded from there. In the last nine years I have had at least 4 baby sessions a week because I love doing it.

I also started to photograph family’s within the church before I knew it word had traveled and I was going across town to other churches to photograph their family’s. I have photographed family’s as small as three and I think the biggest family that I have photographed was the size of around 130 or so.

One thing that I do with my free time is that I am a volunteer photographer at Even know it is a very rewarding position it is very difficult to do. But I have to say that when I leave a hospital knowing that I have helped a family heal from there loss I have to say that it makes me feel like I have done a job wort doing.

That is it my history. If you would like to hire me or if you need some more samples of my work or if you have any questions please just drop me a email and I will respond within 48 hours. When asking about hiring me for a job just remember this is my job and that my prices are non negotiable and they are what they are. Hope to hear from you soon.